Debt collection services for companies

A full service debt collection company

We offer a comprehensive debt collection service from voluntary collection to legal collection if necessary.

The main purpose of our collection agency is to take care of our customers' receivables and guarantee them business success.

We will always enforce fair collection services with respect to both parties.
With our personalized service, we can guarantee reliable, respectful and fast service.

Our values

Legal services

We offer debt collection services in accordance with legal, regulatory and ethical standards, including, if necessary, through the courts.

Good customer experience

We always strive to ensure that existing customer relationships won't break, despite a late payment.

Successful user experience

We want to make the service as easy as possible for the user through a modern software.

Our debt collection process

  • Please wait a moment for late payment from your customer.


  • A payment reminder must be sent before starting the collection process


  • Either through our collection service or without logging in under "Leave assignment" -button.


  • It will be sent to our debtor through our collection service if he has not been otherwise reached to determine his solvency.


  • If 14 days have passed since the 1st letter, we will send another payment claim to the debtor. A separate payment plan is being negotiated with the debtor.


  • If you do not respond to the 2nd collection letter within 14 days, the debtor will be served with the district court's notice of the summons.


  • If the debtor does not respond to the summons within 14 days, the district court will issue a unilateral judgment in the form of default on the credit.
  • At this stage, no payment plan can be agreed.


  • If the debt is not voluntarily collected, it will be transferred to the collection and the bailiff must attach the debtor's property.

Pricing: Quick collection service


  • Payment reminder 0€
  • Service fee 0 €
  • Successful collection 0€
  • Recovery actions are subject to statutory recovery costs.


  • Charging application and enforcement prices starting from 115 €
  • includes authority costs
  • Excludes a distraint fee


  • We charge a 20% commission on accrued capital and interest. It will also be charged upon cancellation. 
  • Property costs are included in the cost of debt collections.
  1. The price list applies to the recovery of one undisputed claim of the customer.
  2. Resonia Oy has the right to claim legal costs of collection and litigation from the debtor in the name of the creditor.
  3. In the event of the cancellation of the assignment by the sponsor, the debt collection agency has the right to charge the client the statutory collection costs (Section 10 of the Act on Collection of Claims).
  4. An advance payment of costs is requested to complete a legal recovery.
  5. Special practises will be charged separately according to the tasks. Practises related to the contested recovery and its litigation will be charged separately.
  6. The prices do not include VAT or collection from abroad.

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