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The invoice can be moved to debt collection as soon as the due date has past and at least one payment reminder has been sent and your customer has not complained about the invoice. 

You can easily transfer an invoice for collection by choosing the most suitable way for your company to submit assignment from the options below. Then fill in the required information based on the unpaid invoice. Exporting an invoice through us does not require you to make a customer fee or start-up fees. You can also submit an order by mail or e-mail. asiakaspalvelu@resonia.fi / by post to the address: Resonia Oy Salomonkatu 17 B 00100 Helsinki. In that case, please also provide your company contact information, such as your phone number or email, so that we can contact you to agree on the details of the collection.

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Send an image of your invoice that you want to transfer for collection through us.

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Attach the invoice to be transferred to the collection directly from your files.

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Transfer your receivables to collection by filling out your personal, debtor and invoice information directly on the form.


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