Did you receive a debt collection letter?

Debtor: Did you receive a debt collection letter from us?

Have you received a payment reminder or collection letter from us? Pay the invoice by the due date and avoid additional charges.

Do you need more payment time?

If you have received an invoice from us that you are unable to pay, please contact our collection agency customer service.
If you wish, you can also leave us a contact request or ask for more time to pay directly on our website.

1. Postponement of due date

If you would like to propose a new due date for payment of the invoice, please contact our customer service. If necessary, we will postpone your invoice due date or work together to find out how to pay your invoice.

2. Debt arrangement

If you are having difficulty paying the total amount of your invoice, it is a good idea to contact us in advance. In most cases, it is possible to set up a monthly debt repayment plan, which will help you to settle your debts without any repercussions. Avoid payment default by working with our expert staff to find the best debt arrangement for you. 
Contact our customer service to agree on a payment plan.

  • If you have received an invoice that you think is unjustified and would like to dispute it, please contact our customer service or report the invoice. Please tell customer service the reasons why you think the invoice is not justified.
  • We'll verify the correctness of the invoice through a re-invoicing company to ensure its validity.


  • If you have received an invoice from us that you have already paid on the date of invoice or after, you still have to pay the service fee caused by the billing. If there is a problem we recommend you to take a copy of the invoice and send it to us.
  • The debt collection letter is negligible if you have paid the bill before the date of the debt collection letter. We ask you to deliver us a specific receipt if your payment has been paid straight to the original payee.
  • We recommend that you check the updated situation of your invoice through our service within few banking days. If any problems occur please contact our customer service. 
Need help understanding your overall debt situation?
  • Work with us to design a debt arrangement that suits your situation. Our debt collection agency will support you by offering you different options to pay your outstanding invoices. You can also ask us for a statement of account summarizing your debt collection and enforcement status.

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